Hey! The Plan B Zine is taking submissions until February 14, 2016. There’s so much to be said about reproductive rights in relationship to Plan B, whether light or heavy.

In their own words: PLAN B ZINE addresses experiences with emergency contraception. With this zine, we hope to initiate much-needed conversations about ways women and female bodied people are expected to make accommodations. THIS PROJECT IS NOTHING WITHOUT MANY VOICES. We are interested in addressing experiences that led to the use of emergency contraception in which issues beyond “safe sex” were at play, including but not limited to: consent, ambiguity, coercion, identity, sexuality, patriarchy, classism, politics, and power. We also wish to provide a venue for emotions that accompany these experiences.

Find them online here and here
If you want to contribute send an email to PlanBZine@gmail.com.