“There is no expiration date on dreams and there is no start date for activism.” – Jamal Joseph (former Black Panther)

The Black Panthers remain one of the most influential black organizations of the 1960’s and 1970’s. In this vivid documentary, Stanley Nelson chronicles the rise and fall of a movement that sparked Black pride across the nation. Although listed as a terrorist group by the United States government, and often misunderstood by the general community the Black Panthers were primarily about self-defense and nation building. If they fought or intimidated anyone, is was to defend themselves against police brutality. Most of the time the focus of their work was aimed at educating their people on local, state and federal rights granted to all citizens under the U.S. Constitution. Debates continue about whether the tactics and ideology of the Black Panthers were effective; however there is no denying the powerful impact this organization has had on America as a whole. The Black Panthers were and still are a strong example for Revolutionary action seeking to empower Blacks in America and beyond.

“Don’t confuse my passion for aggression” – Dhoruba Bin Wahad (former Black Panther Party leader)

Watch the full documentary below. Video expires 3/18/16.http://video.wmht.org/video/2365657009/