“Dear Alexis, Ariel, & Asha:



‘Many of us who rallied behind you from the beginning did so in an attempt to offer comfort and reprieve in the immediate aftermath of the attack. We also understood that by coming forward you were opening yourselves up to an additional onslaught of calculated violence from members of the general public; as well as members of the UAlbany student body and faculty, social and news media, and local law enforcement. The false notion that violence can only be measured in kicks and punches is a convenient mainstay of patriarchy and white supremacy. It is clear to those of us who endure the never ending barrage of insults, micro and macro aggressions, thinly veiled threats, personal slights, media mischaracterization, and double standards in law enforcement that violence knows many forms. And while these affronts cannot always be quantified or freeze framed for those privileged enough to evade them, we want you to know that we wholeheartedly understand and empathize with the challenges you are currently facing, and will continue to face for the foreseeable future.’


‘Lastly—Alexis, Ariel, and Asha—we’d like to thank you for inspiring so many of us with your resilience, dignity, strength, poise and grace amidst such adversity. You should all hold your heads with pride in knowing what you have already overcome and accomplished in your lives.’

We’ve got your back.


People of Color Caucus, Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration”


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