In her article,  “Say Her Name: Women, Mass Incarceration, and Violence- Part 1”, Naomi Jaffe explores the various ways in which women- especially women of color- have been the biggest victims of the mass incarceration movement, and the violence that it perpetuates. As Jaffe mentions, “Women, particularly women of color, are the fastest-growing segment of the incarcerated population”. Not only are women being imprisoned at alarming high rates, but the negative impacts of the criminal justice system on low-income, impoverished communities are largely felt by  women who aren’t even imprisoned.

Women continue to be the primary caregivers in disadvantaged communities, so when these communities are targeted and it’s members become victims of the criminal justice system, it is the women who are left systematically and socially deprived. The power forces that control the criminal justice system may claim it is to protect society from harm, but all it is doing is leaving many minority communities with a  “profound void of youth, elders, parents, partners, teachers, and wage-earners”. Additionally,  both the rates of sexual assault and domestic violence have also increased due to this system. The combination of the detrimental results of mass incarceration have overall perpetuated the subordination of women of color and the depravity of black communities.

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