In sixty minutes (2 back to back shows) share an experience of a lifetime with me! Join us on Tuesday, August 30th.

This February, I was supported by our local activist community and nominated to join a People-to-People delegation of 518 locals organizing against the U.S. embargo against and pro the Cuban people.

Naturally much poetry was written, hundreds of photos taken and countless new ideas formed. Come learn through original art about international solidarity, Black Lives Matter’s connected to the liberation of the Cuban nation and, the ripples of colonialism beyond the borders of our country and the beauty of posibility and social change in the name of The People.

PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS my 2nd and 3rd Poetry Books of the REBELUTIONARY series “Soldier and With Nothing To Lose” AND “Curated by Cuba” a collecton of works started in or influenced by the journey.

Show A: 6:00PM-7:00PM

Show B: 7:30PM-8:30PM

Sliding Scale: $10-$20