The Social Justice Center Board of Directors needs your help. For more than 30 years the SJC has been home to local grassroots organizations fighting for social justice. As the Executive Director, Angelica has fostered a sense of community and solidarity, continuing our mission and expanding our reach. We are so fortunate to have her!

Unfortunately money is tight and our resources are stretched thin. Shortly we will be sending out our Spring mailer to raise money to cover our day-to-day operations and we are planning a major fundraising campaign for later this summer (stay tuned!).
BUT we have a specific and very time-sensitive need that we hope you can help with RIGHT NOW:Angelica needs health care! And we need your help to raise the money to make that happen. Angelica is always there for us, our neighbors and our community. Let’s step up and support her in this work! Click here to donate! 
Please give whatever you can. We are attempting to raise $4,200 which will cover the cost of health insurance for the remainder of 2016 ($600 a month x 7 months). Any extra raised will be applied to 2017.
Please share widely with your friends and community members!
With Gratitude & Solidarity,

The Albany Social Justice Center Board of Directors
Naomi, Victorio, Jean, Sybil, Laura, Alisa, Ellen, Ariela & Colin

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